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A Russian in the Woods - Royal Shakespeare Company



 'Anthony Flanagan, making his stage debut as Pat, shows a technical command that implies a remarkable future' 

The Guardian



'Anthony Flanagan makes a striking theatrical debut as Harford'

 Dominic Cavendish, The Telegraph



'In a remarkable stage debut Anthony Flanagan plays Pat with endearing gaucheness, stubborn bloody-mindedness and moving emotional depth, while also showing how the narrative has been filtered through the dramatist's memory'

 Charles Spencer , The Telegraph



'Anthony Flanagan as Harford captures all of the uncertainty of a nineteen-year-old and seems to be based on the playwright. He catches the mix of soldierly bravado and sexual innocence perfectly. His performance and that of Anna Madeley as the object of his devotions are both extremely accomplished. You can feel the joys and anguishes of a young couple, one of whom has seen too little of life and one far too much'

Philip Fisher , Theatre World



'As the youthful protagonist, Anthony Flanagan has walked straight from drama school into this huge role with the RSC - and the RSC is lucky to have him' 

Robert Hole, What's On Stage


'Anthony Flanagan's central performance as the innocent but finely courageous boy is quite exceptional for a newcomer.
Mr Flanagan's sequences with Ilse, the German girl, who at his age is little more than a homeless refugee (beautifully played by Anna Madeley) are remarkable'

Richard Edmonds , Birmingham Post



 Anthony Flanagan, in his professional debut, is first-rate as the hero struggling to find his identity in an alien world' 

 The Guardian








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