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Anthony Flanagan is an English actor of Stage, Television, Radio and Film. He was born on 11th April 1972 in Stockport, England. 

Aged 18, he studied Performing Arts at Oldham College where he explored Directing and Writing, as well as Acting. He auditioned for drama school but was unsuccessful.

After two years of  working in numerous and varied jobs all over the world, he knew all he wanted to do was act; so Flanagan returned to the North of England to further study Theatre Arts, in Oldham. Whilst there he auditioned for Drama schools again, and finally in 1997 he was accepted and studied at Capitol Theatre in Manchester, graduating in 2000 with a B.A.Hons in Theatre Arts.

His first professional job came when he was still at Drama School in his second year; in Ibsen's 'The Dolls House' at the Library Theatre in Manchester. At the drama school showcase in London, he came to the attention of Casting Director Wendy Brazington.

His big break came in 2000 when acclaimed Theatre Director Robert Delamere auditioned him for the lead role in Peter Whelen's "A RUSSIAN IN THE WOODS" at the Royal Shakespeare Company.

Delamere chose Anthony to audition after seeing him in the Spotlight Graduates book. After meeting Robert, Anthony was invited to audition for the rest of the creative team, and was immediately offered the job. The play ran for 18 months in Stratford upon Avon and London’s West End.  It was a huge success with both audiences and critics alike. Following this West End debut, Anthony was cast in numerous Television roles such as STATE OF PLAY, BURIED, and RED CAP before being offered 'Tony' in the hit series SHAMELESS.

In 2002, Anthony returned to the theatre; this time directed by Richard Wilson at The Royal Court in London. From that more Television work followed. 2006 saw Anthony cast in Jimmy McGovern's "CRACKER" directed by Antonia Bird; playing Kenny, a former soldier suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Alongside a talented cast headed by the great Robbie Coltrane, Flanagan got to show the range of his acting capabilities. 

Anthony was then offered his own programme on ITV, playing DCI Thomas Flynn in Lizzie Mickery's award winning two part thriller "INSTINCT".

In 2009, Flanagan filmed GLORIOUS 39 with Stephen Poliakoff. Other Television includes - SILENT WITNESS, RED RIDING 1974, PRISONER’S WIVES, BEING HUMAN, APPROPRIATE ADULT, THE VILLAGE and SHETLAND. More recently Anthony played the Lead Role in Klaus Heuttmann's Independent Feature Film "The List."

Flanagan married actress Rebekah Staton in 2011 and they have a son.

They live in Central London.

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